STANDING TALL IN TADASANA (Mountain pose), take a moment with your hands together at heart center. Connect your breath to the beauty that surrounds you. SUP Yoga practice allows us to be in direct harmony with creation. In this side twist (or prayer twist), we honor ourselves and bow to nature.


Set your feet hips’ width apart at the center of the board. Press down into all four corners of each foot, and set your gaze on the horizon. On an inhale, sweep your arms up toward your ears. Take a micro bend in your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades toward your heart. Hold that energy, hugging in as your lower belly draws up and toward your spine. Bend your knees and sit back a little, as if a stool were on your board. Pull in your ribs, but keep actively drawing in your shoulder blades and abs. Feel the strength and power right from your core and let your breath flow smoothly. Stay focused for three breaths on three points: Drishti (soft gaze at the horizon), strong abs (try to avoid arching your back), and upper back (shoulders hugging in).


Warming up for side twist: Reach down toward the rail or side of your board. If you can’t reach the rail, putting your fingertips on deck is a great modification. Just keep inching toward the rail, with knees bent and in Chair pose. Notice how your offside knee wants to move forward. Challenge yourself and try to keep your knees lined up and even with
each other. Take a moment to feel your outside abs and obliques lengthen. Allow your low back to soften, and to deepen the stretch, bend your knees more and drop your tailbone down.


Full side twist: Keeping your hips low, shift your gaze over your shoulder. Take the bottom elbow to your knee and put both hands together with your top elbow pointed to the sky. Your breath should be smooth as you hug in your abs on the inhale and keep your knees parallel on the exhale. Remember not to sink into the lower shoulder but to lift up, with your heart toward the sky. Take in the beauty that surrounds you!

As you release from the pose, bring your hands to the board and bow to your self! You are amazing, unique and one-of-a-kind, connected and balanced between the water and sky! With a smile on your face, roll up to Standing or Mountain pose. Take a moment before repeating on the opposite side.